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Carrot is not appealing

Editor, I attended the Leon Hall “People’s Water Compact” meeting. What wasn’t there: a copy of “The People’s Water Compact.” Organizers implied that it’s under legal review and unavailable for the public. A table contained three items: propaganda; a pamphlet called “Both sides of the Divide,” containing eight pages and lacking the names of anyone involved with its contents, and page three has reference to “Tribal Resolution No. 1527,” but no copy of the resolution; and a donation box. A petition in support of “The People’s Water Compact” was also available. One speaker stated, “If the t...

Legal competence questioned

Editor, In the Nov. 7 Valley Journal, Boone Cole, Tim Orr and Bruce White questioned the legality of the CSKT-Montana Water Compact and called for a “paradigm shift in this process, a new approach that follows the law.” Irrigators should question Cole, Orr and White’s legal opinions n...

Considering the tripwire in democracy

Editor, What separates the United States of America from many other countries is our deeply committed belief in those fundamental values embedded in the rule of law. One such belief is the notion that no person, regardless of station, is above it. Authoritarians will commonly politicize and demonize th...

Getting round to it Getting round to it

They are making the rounds on busy roadways in cities and towns across the country. Stop signs are just so last millennium. The newest trend in traffic is the roundabout and it has me terrified. The name sounds so friendly, so casual: roundabout. I’ll come to your house roundabout six-ish. Let&rsquo...

Valley forest project discontinued

Editor, The following is an update on a project that the Lake County Conservation District (LCCD) began about five years ago. The purpose of the project is to determine if it is feasible to establish a “Conservation Forest” on Forest Service lands in the Swan Valley in Lake County. If establis...

One person can make a difference

Editor, Have you heard about the existing Water Compact? Did you know that it is still in limbo? There is a new solution, fair for all. I want to invite and encourage you to learn about and support The People’s Compact. Montana Senator and doctor, Al Olszewski, will introduce this new concept Nov. 2...

Montana PBS returns

Editor, The recent restoration of free over-the-air Montana PBS service to the Flathead Reservation and beyond is a welcome addition. Montana PBS accomplished this with a substantial investment. Please be generous as the December drive begins, and join me in pledging or donating. We will have a special...

Saying thanks to community

Editor, At this time of giving thanks, the family of Rhealene Cook would like to say “Thank you” to her extended family, friends and community for the outpouring of love shown to her as she fought a hard battle of cancer. The wonderful benefit meal, the memorial and all who helped, “Than...

Opioid overdose still higher with regulations

On a daily basis we are inundated on both the local and national level with news of how the opioid epidemic continues to infiltrate communities across this country. Previously, over-prescription of chronic pain-relieving opioids was believed to be the main cause of this crisis. This led to state and federal ...

What’s in a smile? What’s in a smile?

It depends on whom you ask. As for Mona Lisa and the reason behind her mysterious smile, we’ll never know. But there is one thing I do know about smiles; they wield power – in a good way. If you offer a genuine smile it is guaranteed to make the recipient feel better. It’s a fact. In fac...


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