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Double spaces make it easier to read  

Editor,  Ben Stone’s discussion of the Oxford comma and its history in the Aug .7 issue of the Valley Journal is very interesting. I am a writer and also like history. The use of a comma before “and” in a list (like June, July, and August) is an Oxford comma. Its use seems to be a matter of choice and is apparently not controversial. However, if you like to put two spaces between sentences you will be in the middle of a war. Most of us who grew up using typewriters with mono-spaced type were taught to use two spaces. Then along came computers with their proportionally spaced type fonts. Somewhere in the fantasy world of programming, some nerd decided to save ...

Slices of Life

My grandbaby has started talking. One of her first words was “water.” It’s a multi-tasking multi-purpose word in her life. When she’s in the bath, she’s surrounded by water. When she’s in the lake, she swims in water. When it rains, water falls down on her from the sky to ...

Ben there done that

You have likely heard about the Oxford comma at least once. As a writer, using it is a habit I have grown quite fond of. There is something about that little extra comma in a list that just feels right to write; however, since starting my column, I have learned that this practice is not welcome everywhere.&n...

Thankful for support

Editor, The Preston family would like to thank everyone in the community who has been so supportive of us during the illness and death of Jay Preston Sr. Thank you to the St. Luke Nursing Home and hospital staff for the wonderful love and care you gave to Jay and Beth over the last four years. We want to ...

Create positivity through prayer

Editor, We aren’t a church but members of the Baha’i Faith. We meet in our homes and our home is in the North Crow area, between Pablo and Ronan. We would like to thank those that participated in our monthly gathering centered on community building.  In order to overcome the bombardmen...

Different opinions offer opportunity 

Editor, It is said, “Life is a classroom.” In my new life at Grizzly Peak, a retirement community in Missoula, this statement is proven every day for me. But I have to be willing to learn, attitude matters. At 88, I’m realizing that learning can occur at any age.      I...

Considering the next election

Editor,   The stage was set. The hearings began. Special counsel chairman Robert Mueller had submitted his full report. He believes this report speaks for itself and now it is up to Congress to follow up and say whatever needs to be said and do whatever needs to be done. He firmly believes that the s...

Thanking Flathead irrigators

Editor,  I want to thank Flathead irrigators who voted for David Lake and me (Janette Rosman) in our recent Flathead Irrigation District Election. There were many bumps in getting this election process moving forward. Between Lake County, Whaley Accounting and FID commissioners, we were able to get i...

Thoughts from a mama bear

The media has us fired up about lots of things. And that’s good. We should be fired up. Fired up equals interested and engaged. We should all be interested and engaged. An observation: our culture is ever changing (hallelujah to that). We often need culture changes. They bring about good things and ...

What does it all really mean?

With the advent of texting and instant messaging there has emerged a huge set of online abbreviations to make messaging faster. For those of us who aren’t immersed in messaging lingo, getting a message with a bizarre term or shorthand can be annoying and confusing.  First off, how did this come...

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