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Familiarity breeds contempt – or confusion

I saw someone familiar at the store today. I knew that I knew her or at least that I’d had cause to interact with her on several or perhaps a few occasions. Problem is, I couldn’t pinpoint exactly which occasions. I was at the grocery store and she wasn’t a person from the grocery store. I hadn’t seen her there before. She definitely didn’t live at the grocery store, much less work there. I was 100 percent positive of that conclusion. Still, I wasn’t sure, exactly, how well I knew her or from where. Were our kids on the same team? Was she someone from my recent past or more distant and long ago? Was I better acquainted with her husband and perhaps a...

Talent show helps support many programs

Editor, Support for Mission Valley Has Talent 2019 and Helping Hands Fund is strong. For the second year, a responsive audience created an exciting atmosphere for entertainers as well as event volunteers and organizers. Last Friday, Robert Parot, Native American Hoop Dancer and last year’s winner, o...

Coat project helps 200 plus people

Editor, Anne Engebretson and the staff of Port Polson Inn would like to thank the Mission Valley for all of their generous donations during our 19th year of the Coats for Kids program. We were able to give out over 200 coats this year but could not have done so without the tremendous amount of support we ...

Irrigation budget considered

Editor, At the Flathead Irrigation District, March 11 meeting, a number of valuable precedents were set with respect to FID budgeting policies and practices. Irrigators were provided at the start of the meeting with detailed information on the outcome of FID’s 2018 administrative budget, includin...

Things your mom never told you Things your mom never told you

I’ve got a newsflash for the naive among us: your mom didn’t tell you everything. This comes with the territory of motherhood. I’m talking about real lies about important things. Listed here are some of the things your mom probably never told you (and probably never will, but you didn&rsquo...

Medicaid expansion critical for Montana healthcare

Editor, The Medicaid expansion program that our legislature adopted in 2015 was the result of a fair and balanced bipartisan compromise between legislators and resulted in over 96,000 Montanans obtaining affordable healthcare benefits. It is not hard to imagine what a relief this program meant to previous...

Collective thought impacts a country

Editor, An email from a friend ended with this sentence: “I hope this country learned a lesson.” This was in reference to a PBS report about the terrible treatment of dissenters in Montana who opposed America entering WWI. How does a country learn a lesson? What is involved in a full countr...

Responding to thought processes

Editor, Recent letters have demonstrated a number of textbook examples of errors in thinking such as circular reasoning and polarized “either-or” choices. The human mind often adopts these since they offer shortcuts for making quick decisions. But by doing so, the mind ignores other important ...

New elk management plan needed

There’s an old saying in Montana that elk make people do stupid things. There’s a lot of truth to that saying. Whether you’re a dedicated elk hunter, a landowner with 400 head of elk on a haystack or a wildlife manager seeking to balance the needs of both interests, elk have a way of making...

Medicaid work requirement will lead to fewer insured Montanans

It’s helpful to be at the same line of work long enough to be able to be proven wrong. I’ve been working with NAMI Montana to improve Montana’s mental illness treatment system for the past ten years. We’ve been really active on the local, state and national levels. That amount of work...

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