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Wildlife Habitat Improvement program is good for Montana

Montana’s farmers, ranchers and hunters have been partners for decades in conserving and managing our treasured wildlife. For years we’ve shared this working relationship because we’re neighbors and we understand that together, hunters and landowners can achieve positive results for both wildlife and the land that they reside on. That cooperative relationship was on display last year when ranchers, farmers, county weed districts and even county commissioners worked alongside hunters, anglers and the broader conservation community to establish the Montana Wildlife Habitat Improvement program. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Kelly Flynn, R-Townsend, allows a portion of the fe...

Gift basket donations appreciated

Editor, On behalf of the Polson Head Start 3-parent committee, we would like to thank some awesome sponsors who donated to the Head Start graduation. Gift baskets for the kids moving from preschool to kindergarten were purchased. Thank you to S&K Technologies, your generous gift was much appreciated. ...

Memorial Day meal appreciated

Editor, A special thank you to Stuart, Brian, cooks and waitresses for the great meal provided by Ninepipes Lodge for all the veterans and their families on Memorial Day. It concluded a special day in remembering our past veterans and family members. JC Courville Amerian Legion Commander on behalf o...

Who are the people in your neighborhood? Who are the people in your neighborhood?

Mr. Rogers made the most of his neighborhood. I try to do the same – by walking the different streets in the name of “exercise.” As a bonus, along the way I make interesting and not-so-interesting observations. You can learn a lot by walking the neighborhood, which is completely different f...

Harrop's new direct care clinic to address high costs of medical care

Editor, I would venture to say that millions of people in America have been just waiting to hear the subject of this letter. And it is happening right here in the Mission Valley. This doctor and her new clinic address our healthcare system. It answers high insurance costs, high prescription drug costs, an...

Irrigation districts need your support

Editor, You just paid your Lake, Sanders, and Missoula county taxes, and on it was a $3.50 increase on operation and maintenance costs for Flathead Irrigation. In July of 2017, the FJBC unanimously agreed to this increase. In the previous two years, the BIA increase was denied by the FJBC. The three distr...

Winding down at the end of the season Winding down at the end of the season

It’s a wrap. Another school year complete – in the books. TGIF: Thank Goodness It’s Finished. Because I am tired. It happens every year. Let’s face it, being a parent can be taxing. Being a parent with kids in school can be exhausting. We start out strong in September – am...

Drug court is a better option

Editor, Thank you to the Valley Journal for the informative article “Lake County Drug Court Honors First Graduate” on May 23. Today I read a letter by Montana Secretary of State Corey Stapleton about his visit to the state prison in Deer Lodge. It is a thought provoking article. He points o...

Irrigation commissioner encourages voting

Editor, Much has happened in the last year. First, the breakup of the Flathead Joint board of Control. In 2013, four commissioners with the Jocko and Mission Irrigation Districts voted to suspend joint operations between the Jocko, Mission and Flathead Districts. After the elections in May 2014, the newly el...

Examine sources of misperception

Editor, There is more to “Yanny vs. Laurel” than first meets the ear. Any human’s unique experience with personal perception and emotional resultant can set a belief into concrete — even when evidence proves otherwise. A shadow can be seen as a ghost. A hallucination totally origin...

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