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Space-themed programs planned at library

We are now into our second year of our NASA @My Library Grant and we have three exciting space-themed programs coming up. On Nov. 24 Bryce Penta will call in to talk about Phytoplankton from Space. On Nov. 26 at 12:45 p.m. join us in our meeting room for the Mars InSight Landing Watch Party. Then on Dec. 1 Dr. Ken Stedman will call in to discuss Viruses in Extreme Environments. We are able to offer the call-in programs in coordination with the Oregon Museum of Nature and Science; check our website and Facebook page for times. On Saturday, Nov. 17, at 11 a.m., we cap off this year’s National Endowment for the Arts’ Big Read with a showing of the film Worlds of Ursula K. LeGuin...

Muddy messes Muddy messes

My kids give me gifts, often without even knowing it. This weekend, I received a pair or actually a pair of pairs. Pants, that is. Two pairs, which totaled a pair. To further play with words, the pants were paired with a request. It was one of the most simple, albeit complex, requests I’ve ever rece...

Learning how brain works improves decision making

Editor, Voting is over. Choices were made, sometimes at the last split-second. How were these decisions made? In an “ideal” democracy (republic for us): voting citizens, 100 percent of them, would be well informed with sufficient accurate information, to make temporary adjustments (knowing ...

Mom’s book changes perspective

Editor, Isn’t it amazing how one seemingly small event can actually change a life? It happened to me. After my mother left this earth in 1992, I was given one of her favorite books: “The Ultimate Revolution” (pub. 1969) by Walter Starcke who was a Broadway producer, successful busines...

Ridgewater investigation needed

Bozeman attorney Susan Swimley was hired by the City of Polson to review information concerning the Ridgewater Subdivision. She wrote in her opinion, “as currently developed it appears multiple phases of Cougar Ridge/ Ridgewater do not meet the stated purposes of the Montana Subdivision and Platting Ac...

Thanking fall work crew

Editor, On Tuesday, I was raking piles of fall leaves and pulling stubborn weeds at the Polson Methodist Church. Two hours into the big job, my trailer nearly full and under threatening skies, I still had a mountain of leaves and debris to load. Leaning on my rake to catch my breath (I’m in my 70s),...

Commissioner disputes numbers

Editor, I would like to correct two statements included in CSKT Chairman Ron Trahan’s “Letter to the Community” that was published in local newspapers the past two weeks. Mr. Trahan referred to a Federal Highway Administration Tribal Transportation Program grant of $438,531 that was u...

Echoes of kindness can be heard

Editor, Do you hear what I hear? Listen past the political cheering (and booing). You’ll hear more cheering for our youth sports teams, for our firefighters and law enforcers, and for veterans. Listen closer. Can you hear the echoes of kindness? Listen for the rustle of neighbors raking leaves for t...

Three irrigators explain why they don’t support the water compact Three irrigators explain why they don’t support the water compact

As we talk with friends and neighbors about the Confederated Salish and Kootenai- Montana Water Compact, the common theme is that no one understands it. The typical response is, “I really don’t know much about it. There are people I respect on both sides so that just confuses me more.” If y...

Divided country starts in one place

Editor, One of the most dangerous internal threats to America today is Donald Trump’s constant ramping up of fear and anger among his base. Trump has made the expression of these traits acceptable. This is feeding and fueling a crisis of anger in America today. Just the other day, for example, I ...

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