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Deciding to think positive thoughts

Editor, I was reading a fascinating and very appropriate article about our personal responses to the present political and social challenges in America. The author was recalling a TV show back in the '80s in which a very clever guy, named MacGyver, could figure his way out of anything. He had three reliable rules to live by: He knows that everything he needs to get out of a problem is within him, in his mind. He never takes any preconceived decision with him into his problem solving. His solutions are based on helping, not harming. How about relating these rules to our own personal responses to the present chaos. We are being bombarded daily with relentless reporting of political, ...

Preborn sisters matter too

Editor, The 2019 Women’s March on Washington has forgotten me again. Though you can’t see me (except by ultrasound), like other born sisters, at two and a half weeks old my heart began beating. At three weeks old, my nervous system, spinal cord, and brain foundation are being established. At a...

Expressing support for a God-based worldview

Editor, The fallacy of multiple legitimate belief systems was adroitly addressed by Al Onsager. Yes, while there are innumerable worldviews, they quickly reduce to just two – one with a transcendent first cause (God) and the other without such. This is the great divide with dramatically differing ou...

'Friday Night at the Library' is March 22

Is it spring yet? We are all wishing for better weather and to help you look forward to what has to eventually come, (it won’t still be snowing in June, will it?), check out the great magazine titles that you can read for free using your library card and Flipster. The cover on “Birds and Blooms&r...

Legislative goals summarized at halfway point

As Speaker of the House, it is a goal of mine to have unity within the Republican Caucus and a positive working relationship with the minority party. At the halfway point of the 66th legislative session we are hitting those marks. Another goal of this session was to put the K-12 funding bill on the Govern...

FOI hotline available to public

For years news organizations have relied upon an organization called the Montana Freedom of Information Hotline to provide legal advice and assistance when confronted with closed or improperly advertised meetings or sealed documents. The service also is available to individual citizens who believe they, t...

Importance of government transparency highlighted during Sunshine Week Importance of government transparency highlighted during Sunshine Week

The students I teach at the University of Montana often show up with a powerful assumption: If there is some piece of information out there, Google can find it. It’s an understandable belief for 19-year-olds who have grown up in a world where ubiquitous connection to the Internet and easy access to vas...

Thoughts shared on religion and politics

Editor, There has been a movement, growing louder and more visible, to cast off and blur the borders of allegiance to this great country. Some people show public scorn of our laws and anyone who expresses a belief in intelligent design by an almighty God. Atheism, Satanism, Pantheism and every other &lsqu...

Optimism isn’t appreciated

Editor, Mr. Johnson weaves a fascinating tale of optimism (in his letter from last week). Man has been morally and intellectually evolving over human history. With the accumulation of knowledge and the aid of science, society is on the verge of changing itself for the better. The only problem is that he i...

Compact opponents aim to increase federal control of MT waters

The recent proposal made by opponents of the CSKT Water Compact seeks to replace the long-negotiated agreement with a one-sided proposal that is illegal, illegitimate and unconstitutional. While being peddled as “a people’s compact” or “the mending fences act,” this proposal is ...

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