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Articles with the Tag: Janna Taylor

Taylors sponsor youth soccer field Taylors sponsor youth soccer field

POLSON — Polson Youth Soccer Association is excited to announce its first Field Sponsorship for the new soccer complex north of Mission Valley Aquatics. The eastern-most soccer field will be named the “Senators Mike and Janna Taylor” field in honor of sponsors Mike and Janna Taylor.  M...

Questions remain on budget details

We still don’t know all the final details in the $10 billion budget. There are several bills still on the governor’s desk. Some of them spend a lot of money, so they may get vetoed. The latest balance sheet still has all the spending bills listed, so the bottom line looks bad: negative $7.2 mi...

Budget bill passes Senate

Of course the big deal last week was House Bill 2, the state budget. It is not easy to vote for $9 billion. I don’t think that anyone really likes the budget. As always, there are winners and losers. And no one gets everything they want. We started on Saturday at 9 a.m. and never stopped until 6 p.m...

Education bill needs adjustment

In 1995, the State of Montana had 164,979 students in kindergarten through 12th grade. Now we have 141,697. That is a loss of 24,282, but we are up 1,500 students since 2010. We spend close to $11,000 per student in an unbelievably complex formula. There are few people in the State of Montana who truly un...

Fish, game bills flood legislature

There was lots of candy, cookies and flowers around the capital for Valentine’s Day. A couple of my Facebook friends posted pictures of our area. Makes me homesick. Transmittal break, when bills go from the House to the Senate and vice versa, is March 1-3. It will be great to be home for three days....

Bill allocates $625,000 to Polson water project

Here’s some good news: Polson’s water infrastructure project was rated No. 27 in the Treasure State Endowment Grant program and they only funded the top 23 requests. The members of the House Appropriations Sub-committee on Long-Range Planning expanded the list to cover all 50 projects. Polson ...

State revenue estimated at $2 billion

Greetings from Helena. We passed the revenue estimate out of the Senate Taxation Committee last week. The 2013 estimate is nearly $2 billion, and the 2014 and 2015 estimates are more than $2 billion each year. That’s lots of money. Besides the revenue estimate, we heard Senate Bill 108 by Sen. Taylo...

Legislature sets goals for 2013 session

Last week was an extremely busy one in Helena. It started with meetings on Sunday and Monday with the Republican senators. We discussed our goals for the 2013 session.  Then on Tuesday, the Interim Finance Committee heard a special presentation about the unfunded liability in the public employees&rsq...

Legislature works to improve future as Montana ages

What will Montana look like in 18 years? Americans are living longer these days, but Montana is projected to have the fifth-oldest average population. A bipartisan conference in Missoula in September covered some of these projections. The conference was titled the “Graying of Montana,” and was...

Support Taylor for legislature

Editor, I’m writing to ask folks to support Janna Taylor for our Senate District 6. Our family has known Janna for over five years, and in that time, we’ve been impressed, time and again, with her in-depth knowledge of the important issues faced by representatives and senators alike. Her perso...


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