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Articles with the Tag: Lake County Jail

Vote no for the jail

Editor,  Fifty million dollars is a lot of money. Lake county taxpayers are being asked to levy a tax for a new jail. Less than 50 percent of the occupants are Lake County residents. We would have plenty of capacity if we did not have tribal members in the jail. There are two simple solutions to t...

Support jail, courthouse expansion

Editor, The proposed Lake County jail and courthouse expansion is an appropriate direction and the levy should be approved. As societies evolve and grapple with new problems it is important that social structures similarly adjust. The purpose of societal adjustment is both (1) to better serve and prote...

New jail levy ballots sent out in mail, due on Jan. 28 New jail levy ballots sent out in mail, due on Jan. 28

POLSON – On Jan. 8, 15,748 mail-in election ballots were sent out. Registered Lake County voters are asked to approve or disapprove of the county commissioner’s levy request for the ability to collect up to $2.5 million annually for 20 years to help finance a proposed new jail and courtroom expan...

Baese sentenced for assault

A Woods Bay man was sentenced at District Court in Polson on Dec. 4 to the Montana State Department of Corrections for five years with no time suspended for solicitation of tampering with witnesses and informants, a felony. He was also sentenced to one year in jail for misdemeanor partner or family member as...

Smith sentenced for possession, endangerment

A Ronan man was sentenced at District Court in Polson on Dec. 5 to a total of six years with the Montana State Department of Corrections with all suspended but time served of 73 days in the Lake County Jail. Jay Calvin Smith, 31, was sentenced to two years, all suspended, for felony theft; two years, all ...

Lake County commissioners answer questions concerning jail levy Lake County commissioners answer questions concerning jail levy

News from Lake County Commissioners  LAKE COUNTY – The Lake County Commissioners have conducted the final Town Hall public meeting to present information related to the Criminal Justice Facilities and Operation Levy request that will be decided by voters in late January.  The 20-year ...

Carnahan found guilty of distributing drugs in jail

A Columbia Falls woman accused of smuggling drugs into the Lake County jail has pled guilty to criminal distribution of dangerous drugs.  Erin Elizabeth Carnahan, 24, entered her plea at District Court in Polson on Nov. 21 as part of a plea agreement that will dismiss two other charges at sentencing....

Nicolai sentenced to eight years for assault

A Ronan man was committed at District Court in Polson on Oct. 23 to eight years with the Montana Department of Corrections with four years suspended for aggravated assault.  According to court records, Justice Raven Nicolai, 24, was in the Lake County Jail awaiting trial on drug distribution charges ...

Commissioners discuss jail expansion levy Commissioners discuss jail expansion levy

RONAN — The jail expansion levy was discussed during a community outreach meeting Oct. 6 at the Ronan Community Center, which was attended by all three Lake County commissioners, representatives from the Lake County Attorney’s Office and Lake County Sheriff’s Office.  The county loc...

New date set for jail levy vote

LAKE COUNTY – Lake County Commissioners voted Thursday afternoon to move the Criminal Justice Facilities-Operations mill levy mail-in vote to Jan. 28, 2020. The vote was considered for an earlier date. The purpose of the date change is to satisfy a Montana State statute that requires an 85-day waiti...


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