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Articles with the Tag: farming

Montana women share stories of pioneer life in agriculture Montana women share stories of pioneer life in agriculture

News from the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation MONTANA – Christmas is a time for peace, celebration, community and family, even when times are tough.  Ranching and farming women often experience tough times when money is scarce and the work of caring for the livesto...

Supporting water compact

Editor, We (the Lake family) and most of our neighbors on the Flathead Indian Reservation support the CSKT water compact. It protects our state-based water claims, it provides certainty that we will have water to continue farming, it provides money to improve the aging infrastructure of our water project,...

MSU pesticide education offered in Ronan

  MSU pesticide  education offered  in Ronan   RONAN — The Montana State University Pesticide Education Program is offering a pest management tour for pesticide applicators on Oct. 2, at the Ronan Community Center. Speakers will present on a variety of topics, includi...

Irrigation fees set to increase next year

LAKE COUNTY – The cost of farming within the Flathead Indian Irrigation Project could increase in the coming year if irrigation taxes go up as planned. The Bureau of Indian Affairs manages the project for the United States government and has increased the operation and maintenance fees to $33.50 per...

Briefs for July 25, 2018

Mission Valley Rises works to get out the vote News from Mission Valley Rises Mission Valley Rises: Democracy Engaged! invites you to use your voice. Register to vote. Decisions made by the people we vote for affect our families and communities every day.   Make your voice known. Vote like ...

Wildlife Habitat Improvement program is good for Montana

Montana’s farmers, ranchers and hunters have been partners for decades in conserving and managing our treasured wildlife. For years we’ve shared this working relationship because we’re neighbors and we understand that together, hunters and landowners can achieve positive results for both wi...

Veteran Spotlight Veteran Spotlight

Chuck Larum was farming with his family in Charlo when he got a surprise – his draft notice. Some guys got deferments for being an only son or were 4F with physical problems, but Chuck was unlucky enough to be 1A.  February 16, 1967, found him on his way by bus to Butte, Montana, for induction int...

Town mourns loss of community champion Cal Lindburg Town mourns loss of community champion Cal Lindburg

RONAN – A beloved community member who volunteered so often he was honored with the title of “Grand Marshal” in several local parades, passed away recently. Community members describe him as someone who helped develop the town of Ronan.  Calvin Lindburg, 91, better known as “C...

Veteran Spotlight Veteran Spotlight

For a man who always wanted to remain a farmer, being drafted was not a welcome thing.  George says it was like being ordered to volunteer. He had two or three farm deferments but somehow the local draft board official decided he should be drafted anyway. George was often seen driving a truck hauling mi...

‘Armed to Farm’ ‘Armed to Farm’

ST. IGNATIUS – Veteran and current military members focused on a different kind of training mission as they walked through the tall grass at a farm on Foothill Road on Thursday. The national program they were involved in, called Armed to Farm, seeks to help veterans develop or start farms through cl...


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