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School choice important for right fit


I would like to thank Sen. Dan Salomon of Ronan and Rep. Greg Hertz of Polson for giving up their time to give the Mission Valley Christian Academy U.S. history class a tour of the state senate and representative chambers. Thank you for answering all of our questions on how the legislative branch of the state of Montana works.

I would also like to thank you for supporting school choice.

School choice gives parents the opportunity to choose where their children go to school, whether public, private, charter, home school, etc. Its basis is that there is no one-size-fits-all to give our kids the best education. I am not saying that the public schools are in any way less than the others, but some kids are not benefiting. For example, I went to one of this valley’s public schools and was doing well. I frequented the office because of ongoing friction with classmates and faculty. My parents realized what was going on and pulled me and my brother out and enrolled us at MVCA, where we are doing much better.

Luckily my parents made enough money and we were able to receive scholarships to send us there. Many parents don’t find themselves in a position to send their kids to a different school.

School choice helps to ease the burden these parents face to get their kids into the correct school for them.

I urge you to support school choice so that more kids like me can get a beneficial education.

Lane Smyth, 16
St. Ignatius


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