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New movement makes Congress listen


We’ve all known about movements, everything from bowel to politics. Well, there is a new one that is gaining great strength as we speak. It’s name is “Indivisible.”

Indivisible, as reported by former congressional staffers, reveals best practices for making Congress listen.

Whether we are Republican, Democrat, for Trump or against Trump, this is a movement we all need to know about.

There is a very succinct and well-written guide called “A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda.” In total it contains a “Note from the Team,” and introduction, a summary and a conclusion in four chapters.

Teamwork is the hallmark in all this. This movement has strong legs and a very powerful and significant potential. As I am getting more familiar with it, I realize that the ultimate work and value in all this is not about resistance as it is about inspiring the populace. It inspires us to be more informed and involved in influencing our local, state and national agendas.

The team says things like, “Our only goal is to help the real leaders on the ground and on their home turf.” And, “We want to hear your stories, questions, comments, edits, … so please feel free to ping (a new word for me) some of us on Twitter.”

The note from the Indivisible team ends with “and please, please spread the word. Only folks who know this exists will use it. Good luck — we will win.”

So, I am just spreading the word. There is no doubt that our recent electoral process woke up America. It woke us up to involvements, questioning our trust in political integrity, awakening our belief that we can really make a difference, and even moving many of us to action.

This past year we have received a very dramatic wake-up call. Indivisible, along with many other ways for taking our country back is very worthy of exploration and involvement at whatever level feels comfortable for each of us. Look it up. See what you think.

Bob McClellan


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