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Here come the ads


It was great to see the pro Greg Gianforte ad on TV. I loved that he has adopted the millennial four-day-old beard style rather than the shaved look he had in his Governor’s race. Between that, his clever statement of “We will make America great again,” labeling his opponent as far left and his commitment to back Donald Trump, it is clear to see where his leadership will take us. Obamacare will soon be replaced by a much better system I also see.

But I am not sure his pointing out Quist’s Montana cowboy heritage and lifelong connection to our state is such a smart move.

Experiencing our state’s voting history, I am confident as long as the super PAC who already has spent $700,000 on attack ads against his opponent, Quist, keeps funding, we can be sure, with Gianforte, like we did with Trump, we will put a non-establishment politician in office for his benefit.

Rich Bell



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