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Gianforte right choice


When did it become okay to “dis” a person who, as a young man started with nothing and go on to create multi-million-dollar technology businesses that eventually have employed hundreds in our state? Greg Gianforte did just that and is being lambasted by those on the left for being a hot shot millionaire from New Jersey. Let it go. He’s lived in Montana for 20 plus years and raised his family in Montana. He’s vested, people. He and the Gianforte Family Foundation have created the Gianforte Manufacturing Scholarships which assist veterans and low-income students who are seeking training in manufacturing or industrial arenas. Lake County recently received a grant for $50,000 to beef up our drug courts and that’s something from which everyone benefits. These are only two of the many opportunities Greg has afforded people in Montana. I, too, was born in New Jersey, have lived in Montana 35 years and, guess what? I’m a Montanan, I raised my kids here, I’m registered to vote here, I pay taxes here and I approve of Greg Gianforte.

Dorothy Ashcraft


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