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Polson property manager charged with rape, witness tampering

By Caleb M. Soptelean/Valley Journal

POLSON – The manager of Lakeview Village Apartments faces two counts of sexual intercourse without consent and witness tampering. 

David Thomas Murphy, age unknown, was cited for the sexual offenses with a tenant on July 31 and witness tampering on Aug. 2 after he allegedly paid $5,000 in cash to another tenant to transfer the funds to the alleged victim in order to make amends for the pain and suffering caused to the alleged victim. 

The sexual incidents occurred on July 1 and 2, according to a court document. 

The alleged victim, who said she had cleaned a vacation rental cabin once previously for Murphy, said she was asked to do so again. When she entered the cabin on July 1, she noticed that it was already clean. When she asked Murphy about it, he said that only the upstairs bed needed to be made, according to the court document. When they went upstairs Murphy allegedly pushed her onto the bed and took off her bra and pants and had sex with her. 

Afterward Murphy appeared remorseful, apologized and said he “hadn’t done this in over 20 years,” according to a court document. 

On July 2, Murphy came to the alleged victim’s apartment and offered her a taco salad, which she refused, a court document states. At some point, Murphy allegedly came up behind the woman, ripped her panties and she told him “no.” He then allegedly pushed her onto the bed and had sex with her. 

Afterward, the woman put her underwear into a brown paper bag to preserve them along with her pants from the July 1 incident. 

Murphy admitted to having sex with the woman both times, 

according to a court document. She said “no” the first time but later consented, and also consented the second time, he said. 

The woman went to a hospital on July 7 to have a sexual assault exam but too much time had elapsed, a court document states. 

The woman said she reported the incident to several other residents of the apartments. 

On Aug. 1, Murphy left a note at the apartment of a woman offering the alleged victim “$5,000 cash and maybe some community service, but only if she is willing to drop the complaint.” 

The woman gave Polson Police the message on Aug. 2, and they received a search warrant to record conversations between the woman and Murphy. The woman agreed to act as an intermediary for the cash transaction. According to a court document, a conversation between the two was recorded on Aug. 2 and Murphy arrived at the woman’s apartment 20 minutes later with the cash and a receipt that stated that the woman would give the $5,000 to the alleged victim, who would drop the charges against him. The receipt stated that all parties agreed not to discuss the arrangement. 

Law enforcement placed the $5,000 and receipt into evidence, a court document states. 

Later on Aug. 2, Murphy went to the Lake County Courthouse to confirm that he did not have to appear on the sexual intercourse without consent citation issued on July 31. He was then arrested for tampering with a witness. 

During an interview with Polson Police, Murphy said he did not know his actions were against the law and believed that settlements happen all the time in cases like these, a court document states. 

Murphy is scheduled to be arraigned on Sept. 13.


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