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Help find Sophie


My husband and I were visiting Glacier National Park, our lifelong dream, in mid-August. The rental home we thought to be secure for our little dog, a female Shih Tzu named Sophie, turned into a living nightmare on our return home while out day hiking on August 16th. We returned to find the owners of the rental unit had let our dog out from our locked upstairs apartment.

We canceled all plans and stayed in the vicinity where she was last seen. We returned daily to the West Glacier area where she was sighted the first 24 hours.

For eight more days from dawn until dusk we never gave up, searching for miles and miles daily for our beloved Sophie.

We handed flyers out, it felt like, to a thousand people. We met countless travelers, good and compassionate people and truly wonderful folks who have helped us; however, we need more help. We are asking the great people of Montana to help continue in our search to find Sophie. Sophie is our family and we are devastated and we will not give up until she is home again.

Sophie is a microchipped dog. She is light brown with reddish straight ears, four white paws and a white muzzle. She has brown eyes and a beautiful face. She is sweet and shy.

If you have found a lost dog matching her description, please take her to your local vet or shelter to scan her microchip or call us day or night at 239-565-0193 or 239-851-8100. We are offering $1,000 Rescue Reward for her safe return home.

We have returned to southwest Florida, and as I write this notice, we are bracing for hurricane Irma, however, all we can think about is finding Sophie. I want to thank everyone who can be Sophie’s friend and help her find her way home.

Jerilyn and Steve Antonacci



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