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Positive values should direct local, national movements


America is presented with a most critical opportunity right now. And this is not just my opinion, but the thoughts of many I see, hear and read. And this is not a time for endless comparisons with the past. This is a time for serious attention with the present.

We are being dramatically presented with two sides of the coin, our political “coin of the realm,” so to speak. One side represents lies, finger-pointing, anger, greed and fear. The other side represents all the values that sparked the birth of our nation: values of honesty, integrity, legislation by the will of the people, and honoring our constitution and the rule of law.

In the extended palms of our executive, legislative, and judicial branches of our government, all three are holding, in living color and bright reflections staring up at them, the side of greed, fear and anger. Will each turn over the coin to see the other side? Which side carries the power of national choice right now? Is the will, power and actions of the majority of Americans able to permeate and productively protect the very values that sparked the birth of our nation?

Time will tell. But it seems to me that advocating strongly for clear answers to these and other such questions is essential. In my view, we need movements within our communities, states, and regions in America representing the side of the coin which clearly represents the positive values upon which our nation was created.

Bob McClellan



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