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Valley Journal

Lucky Strike bowling results for the week of Sept. 11-16


High Team Scratch: The Sandbaggers 1166

High Team Handicap:Lucky Strike Lanes 3371

High Game Scratch: Will Rogers 247

High Game Handicap: Jim Corbett264

High Series Scratch: Will Rogers 669

High Series Handicap: Will Rogers 672

Tuesday Twisters

High Team Game: Spare Parts 770

High Team Series: Ball Babies 2178

High Game Scratch: Alice Johnson 182

High Handicap Game:Tonya Appelt 230

High Series Scratch: Alice Johnson 479

High Series Handicap: Judy Stevenson 604



High Team Game: King Pins965

High Team Series: Turpins 2675

High Game Scratch: Dan Cowan 251

High Game Handicap:Tony Turpin 295

High Series Scratch: Shawn Barber 659

High Series Handicap: Tony Turpin 724  


Wednesday Lucky Ladies

High Team Game: Lucky Strike Lanes 818

High Team Game: Lucky Strike Lanes 2345

High Game Scratch: Johnie Parker 202

High Game Handicap:Shonna Elverud 223                                        

High Series Scratch: Lisa Corbett 516

High Series Handicap: Amber Marsee 593

                                Johnie Parker593


Lady Strikers   

High Team Game: Johnson Quality Flooring872

High Team Series:Johnson Quality Flooring2358

High Game Scratch: Pam Wilson236

High Game Handicap:Pam Wilson 263

High Series Scratch: Lisa Corbett 559

High Series Handicap: Jennifer Davis 595


Friday Night Mixed:

High Team Game: Team 5943

High Team Series: Team 5 2641


High Game Scratch:  A.J. Bigby 258

High Game Handicap: A.J. Bigby 269

High Series Scratch: Clay Malatare, Jr. 644

High Series Handicap: Clay Malatare, Jr. 671


High Game Scratch: Lisa Corbett 248

High Game Handicap: Sharon Barber 265

High Series Scratch: Lisa Corbett 619

High Series Handicap: Tasha Sinclair 670



Lo 50°

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