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Please put gravel back on roads after grading


First off I would like to thank the county road department for all the hard work they do. I know you are short-handed of people and funds. But I have had a problem for the past three years. I have called every spring when they first grade the gravel roads and I have to call every time to ask you to please stop grading the roads down and piling all the gravel on the side of the road or into the ditch. There is hardly nothing left on the road and it is rough when they do this. There is nowhere for the water to go because of all the piles of dirt and gravel piled on the side, also parts of the road are lower than the ditch. I have spoken to past and present supervisors, past supervisor has told me he has told the drivers they have to go up and down the road at least 6 times to build the road back up in center, but they do not do this. Present supervisor told me the road is eroding off. I am sorry we have watched the road be graded off for three years, it had been graded so low and pushed into the ditch so far it cannot be retrieved to be used on the road. When there is new gravel put on the road, the next time they grade they push it to the side of the road. He also said they would be out to pull it all back on to the road, but they have been out two or three times this year and the driver is still doing the same thing. I am wondering if it is being done on purpose, I hope this is not true because my neighbors do not have to be penalized for my calls. This is happening on all county roads, not only ours. If it is because of lack of training, the drivers need to speak up and ask for help. More people need to let the supervisor know if your roads are not being done right, then maybe there will be some training made available. Now it is October and going into winter.

Kelly Bailey


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