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Linderman ‘Students in Good Standing’ rewarded

POLSON — Ice cream and a game of dodgeball were enjoyed by Linderman Elementary third grade Students in Good Standing last week. 

The fun came about after Darcie Laud and the other third-grade teachers — Jon Gustafson, Keryl Lozar, Sandra Ranson, Stephanie St. Clair and Brittany Simonich — decided to “up the ante” to reward students for good behavior and completing their homework.

“We never do big celebrations like this,” Laud said prior to last week’s event. Never, that is, until last week. 

She explained that the third-grade team was trying to increase the number of students who qualify for the SIGS, or Students in Good Standing, event, which the school implemented six years ago. 

Laud said the percentage of students qualifying was “a little lower” for October’s event, thus the reason to “up the ante.” 

The number of students who usually qualify for rewards starts at around 70 percent at the beginning of the year and goes up to 95 percent by year’s end, she said. However, in October the percentage was around 60 percent in third grade. 

School staff reached out to businesses in order to have more community 

involvement this year. Glacier Bank and Scoops Ice Cream Shack stepped up to help. The bank purchased ice cream from Scoops’ owners Sheila and Dan Cox, who sold the ice cream at a discount for the event, Laud said.

Shauna Rubel and Laura Kelley of Glacier Bank served ice cream to students and joined them in a game of dodgeball afterward. 

“You guys set the bar for all the other kids in the school, so we decided to treat you guys to ice cream today,” Rubel said. “Congratulations. We’re very proud of all of you.”

On a monthly basis throughout the school year, students who meet the school’s “universals” list of good behavior are rewarded. Examples include being safe, responsible, respectful and a learner. 

Teachers “catch” students performing good behavior and give them purple Pirate tickets that they can use for that month’s SIGS event. 

The good behavior criteria is taught in the classroom, practiced by students, reinforced with rewards and modeled for those students who need greater practice in making positive choices. 

During SIGS events, Principal Kristin Wilson meets with students who didn’t qualify to discuss good behavior criteria and share ideas on how they can make changes to earn rewards, Laud said.


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