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Sportspage bowling results for the week of Oct. 31

Tuesday Moonlighters High

Scratch Game: Ross Woods 279

High Handicap Game: Ross Woods 299

High Scratch Series: Ross Woods 723

High Handicap Series: Ross Woods 783

Wednesday Mixed Men

High Scratch Game: Tim Basta 247

High Handicap Game: Howdy Vasser 286

High Scratch Series: Chase Johnson 699

High Handicap Series: Gary Peterson 753


High Scratch Game: Steph Brown 236

High Handicap Game: Steph Brown 278

High Scratch Series: Stacie Pretty On Top 537

High Handicap Series: Jo Durand 734

Thursday Trio Men

High Scratch Game: Darrel Rogers 217

High Handicap Game: Les Buchman 272

High Scratch Series: Ross Woods 621

High Handicap Series: Nathaniel 786


High Scratch Game: Vickie Erickson 171

High Handicap Game: Vickie Erickson 241

High Scratch Series: Vickie Erickson 477

High Handicap Series: Vickie Erickson 693

Friday Mixed Men

High Scratch Game: Jeff Andrews 231

High Handicap Game: Mickey Fisher 261

High Scratch Series: Jeff Andrews 629

High Handicap Series: Matt Graves 699


High Scratch Game: Kristen Nelson 233

High Handicap Game: Kristen Nelson 96

High Scratch Series: Kristen Nelson 560

High Handicap Series: Kristen Nelson 749


Lo 35°

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