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Valley Journal

Lucky Strike bowling for the week of Nov. 19-25


High Team Game: Access Montana     1157

High Team Series: Access Montana      3301

High Game Scratch: Bryan Dupuis               245

High Game Handicap: Bryan Dupuis               269

High Series Scratch: Clayton Malatare Jr.       620

High Series Handicap: Moe Schoon               723

Tuesday Twisters

High Team Game:Mission Valley Security867

High Team Series:Spare Parts               2438

High Game Scratch:Regina Pablo                233

High Handicap Game:Regina Pablo                273

High Series Scratch:Regina Pablo                594 

High Series Handicap:Regina Pablo                714


High Team Game: Wright Real Estate       967

High Team Series:Wright Real Estate     2727

High Game Scratch: Dana Matt              258

High Game Handicap:Dana Matt              298

High Series Scratch:Shawn Barber      686

High Series Handicap:Bob Turpin              742  

Wednesday Lucky Ladies  Did not bowl

Lady Strikers                  Did not bowl

Friday Night Mixed

High Team Game:     325 Misfits        992

High Team Series:    Team Nitro               2845


High Game Scratch:  Justin Underwood       279

High Game Handicap: A.J. Bigby               299

High Series Scratch:  Justin Underwood      708

High Series Handicap:Glenn Whitewater      771


High Game Scratch:   Lisa Corbett      223

High Game Handicap: Zayna Irish      265

High Series Scratch:   Lisa Corbet      580

High Series Handicap: Zayna Irish      730



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