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Consider boycotting ‘Proud Mary’ movie


While waiting for the feature movie “Marshall’ about U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall to start, the preview for “Proud Mary” was shown. It’s an American action thriller about a “successful hit woman” who takes orders from an organized crime family. A stunningly beautiful woman selects from her many weapons, and dressed in black nightclub clothing, stalks her victims.

In the two-minute preview, there was barely a break between ghastly murders. According to the movie’s website, one murder leads to some sort of redemption for Mary, but there is no doubt the scenes are intended to eroticize gun violence. One could say that repeated, powerful images like this correlate to the upswing in real-life gun violence. If Americans continue to contribute to the profitability of these movies, producers will continue to push dramatic limits of violence.

I ask that you consider boycotting this movie.

Carmine Mowbray


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