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‘Trumpery’ defined by letter writer


While walking Polson’s high school track this morning, there was a big red apple lying in the middle of lane six. I tapped it off to the side with my foot, and immediately the opening to this letter started forming. Remember the old saying, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree?”

My son, John, living in Helena for about 30 years, loves dogs, has a host of friends, and is a reliable and valued employee. He also writes letters to the editor. He sent me this one he had submitted to the Helena Independent Record in late October:

“While browsing in the dictionary last week, I came across the word Trumpery. A very fitting word for these chaotic times. I quote:


1) Something showy but of little intrinsic value; worthless finery.

2) Useless stuff, rubbish, nonsense.

3) Showy but unsubstantial or useless, of little or no value, trifling

Any of this sound like a current resident of the White House? For all his bluster and showboating, who is he really? A brash and unfiltered adolescent who has always gotten his way. Hardly someone who should be trusted with the responsibility he has at this point in time.”

I read it and laughed; laughed so hard it shook my “inner tree.” An apple fell, but stayed near the tree and always will. I love you John, and thanks for the letter.

Bob McClellan



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