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Valley Journal

Lucky Strike bowling results for the week of Nov. 26-Dec. 2

igh Team Game:Access Montana1181

High Team Series:Access Montana3498

High Game Scratch:Nick Dellwo258

                                        Bryan Dupuis258

High Game Handicap:Bub Schliep300

                                        Moe Schoon300

High Series Scratch:Nick Dellwo661

High Series Handicap:Moe Schoon741

Tuesday Twisters

High Team Game:Ball Babies840

High Team Series:Ball babies      2343

High Game Scratch:Vicki Salway202

High Handicap Game:Vicki Salway246

High Series Scratch:Regina Pablo526

High Series Handicap: Vicki Salway646


High Team Game:       Mission Mountain Motors974

High Team Series:Physch      2679

High Game Scratch:Brad Stevens269

High Game Handicap:Dana Matt        285

High Series Scratch:Justin Umderwood678

High Series Handicap:Dana Matt736  

Wednesday Lucky Ladies

High Team Game:Foothills Tree Farm884

High Team Game:Foothills Tree Farm2427

High Game Scratch:Megan Jennison257

High Game Handicap:Regina Pablo271

High Series Scratch:Megan Jennison670

High Series Handicap:Regina Pablo741

Lady Strikers   

High Team Game:Pin Tippers876

High Team Series:Pin Tippers2541

High Game Scratch:Pam Wilson257

High Game Handicap:Pam Wilson276

High Series Scratch:Pam Wilson643

High Series Handicap:Pam Wilson700

Friday Night Mixed 

High Team Game:Trouble        996

High Team Series:325 Misfits      2837


High Game Scratch:     Justin Underwood267

High Game Handicap:Justin Underwood283

High Series Scratch:           A.J. Bigby        741

High Series Handicap:A.J. Bigby        795


High Game Scratch:Johnie Parker255

High Game Handicap:   Johnie Parker286

High Series Scratch:   Johnie Parker672

High Series Handicap:       Johnie Parker765


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