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Taking hope in ‘little things'


Little things mean a lot. My Pennsylvania brother recently rescued an injured flying squirrel in his forested yard. With paralyzed hind limbs, the little guy looked like “a goner,” but Charlie decided to “roll his tiny dice” when the plucky squirrel bit his gloved finger. So he dubbed him “Rocky the Flying Squirrel” as a fellow aviator, and took him to Cookie, a wildlife rehabber.

With compassion, medical help, and nutrition Rocky has recovered and lives in a large cage with other flying squirrels, getting ready for rewilding. The only way Cookie can tell him apart is when he comes to the side of the cage presenting his tummy to be scratched. The plan is to help him transition back to the wild, for a spring release.

I am thankful for people like my brother who care about little things. These people also tend to care deeply about the big things, like decency, integrity, tolerance, respect, love and morality. They have hope. There is a grassroots energy about them. Tiny as he is, Rocky is a symbol of hope for me, in the midst of these current toxic, turbulent times. Thanks, Charlie.

Nancy Teggeman



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