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Fact checking is individual responsibility


I just read the letter from Mr. Becks who attacks the numbers used in an article regarding the EPA budget cuts. That author did error in listing the number of jobs lost. However, Mr. Becks check surely showed .… “In 2017 the Trump administration proposed a 31 percent cut to the EPA’s budget to $5.7 billion from $8.1 billion and to eliminate a quarter of the agency jobs …”

Mr. Beck’s goal apparently is only to attack information. The facts or fiction of information is only as valid as the source, and it is an individual responsibility to make the effort to discern the truth when information needs to be important.

I do not wonder why people can’t believe half of what they read or hear anymore, they never should take important information on face value. I use resources made available to me just as it is available to others to find out more than what one says or the headline reads. Know “the rest of the story” when it is important.

Learning has to be proactive. When it is not, you believe others like yourself who verbally provide confirmation to your idea of reality. Prejudice and bigotry are fed by ignorance and habit.

Recently there has been much talk of community issues that have been with us, unsolved, for many years; take the jail and the transfer of the dam for instance. As was mentioned in the last election, it has been something like 27 years since we have seen anything other than a Republican controlled legislature. Our local elected representatives have voiced their awareness of the problems for many years as well as their lack of an ability to find a solution.

In sports it seems natural to replace a coach who doesn’t add to the success of a team. In our State, and especially here because of habit and/or prejudice, we choose the alternative and retain the coaching staff rather than replace them. It should not then be a surprise when another year passes with no solution to the problems.

At least our sheriff is trying to problem solve.

Rich Bell


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