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Current situation is powerful wake-up call for voters

Editor, In my opinion, along with many others, if the average American “voter lethargy” is corrected through Trump’s thinking, character, comments and behavior, the next election results will overwhelmingly prove the true character of our nation and our democracy. The GOP’s strange support of much of President Trump’s dangerous behavior needs to change, also.

We hear over and over again from Trump supporters comments like this:   “Look Donald Trump was elected by the American people and it’s time to support him.” Well, he certainly appealed to many who thought that all his promises and his television performances could actually develop into our nation’s policies. Many Americans were attracted to him enthusiastically and effectively because of their own anger, fear and unhappiness in their own lives. His constituency definitely got out and voted.

Meanwhile, the masses of people who make up the great majority of thoughtful Americans did not realize what was happening.  They relaxed in the belief that all was well. “Drain the swamp” did not resonate as a call for change. The result? They sat back and our voting statistics continued to prove the lethargy and lack of We the People fulfilling the one great power we possess in affecting our democratic system of government.  The prediction is that our present situation is such a powerful “wake-up call” that voting statistics will dramatically change in the mid-term elections this year.

Wake up GOP. It is time to get back to Lincoln’s Republican party beliefs and positive values.

Bob McClellan


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