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Valley Journal

Lucky Strike bowling results for the week of Feb. 18-24


High Team Game:   Access Montana      1264

High Team Series:   Access Montana      3527

High Game Scratch:   A.J. Bigby              279

High Game Handicap:   A.J. Bigby              306

High Series Scratch:  Dana Matt              728

High Series Handicap:  Dana Matt              827

Tuesday Twisters

High Team Game:Lucky Strike Lanes      811

High Team Series:Spare Parts                    2336

High Game Scratch:Regina Pablo              200

High Handicap Game:Donata Healy              230

High Series Scratch:Regina Pablo              529

High Series HandicapLinda Gerdts              638


High Team Game:      S & S Sports              983

High Team Series:Turpin’s                     2775

High Game Scratch: A.J. Bigby                       247

                        Richard Turpin               247

High Game Handicap:Darrell Rogers               276

                                Richard Turpin               276

                        Jeff Lulow                       276

High Series Scratch:A.J. Bigby                       663

High Series Handicap:Jon Haggard               756 

Wednesday Lucky Ladies

High Team Game:     Quad Women Squad       863

High Team Game:     Quad Women Squad       2412

High Game Scratch:  Megan Jennison               216

High Game Handicap:Kenzie McDonald       245

High Series Scratch:  Marie Bigby               568

High Series Handicap:Kenzie McDonald       680

Lady Strikers   

High Team Game:  Lynn’s Drive In       856

High Team Series: Quik EZ Towing               2443

High Game Scratch: Zayna Irish                       234

High Game Handicap:Ramona Lynch               249

High Series Scratch:Lisa Corbett               579   

High Series Handicap: Sattie Whitefoot       658

Friday Night Mixed

High Team Game:      Trouble               967

High Team Series:     Jones & Co.      2749


High Game Scratch:  A.J. Bigby              258

High Game Handicap:Mike Irvine      288

High Series Scratch: Justin Underwood      641

High Series Handicap: Mike Irvine      712


High Game Scratch: Tasha Sinclair     238

High Game Handicap:Tasha Sinclair     285

High Series Scratch: Tasha Sinclair     593

High Series Handicap: Tasha Sinclair     734



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