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Lake County failure is not an option


The upcoming meeting, introducing the third draft of Lake County’s 2003 Growth Policy revision, along with the existing 2005 Density Map and Regulations, will be presented on Tuesday, March 13 at 2 p.m. The important informational event will take place on the third floor of the Polson Courthouse. The revised growth policy, once ratified, is to be a guiding and possibly a regulatory policy for the next 20 years. Do you enjoy our dusty, rural gravel roads? Keeping the density map and regulations, as regulatory, will promote existing, unsafe and polluting gravel roads to remain unpaved. Taxpayers, do you desire continued restrictions which prohibit the production of your land, such as splitting off a smaller parcel for resale, or building a second or third home for your family, or building a vacation rental to promote additional income? Keeping the density map and regulations, as regulatory, will continue to restrict taxpaying landowners from adopting new investment trends. Did you know that the county currently averages a paltry $100,000 of additional, new tax revenue, every year? Compare this to our neighboring counties with their multi-million dollar expansion of annually increasing tax revenues. Keeping our density map and regulations, as regulatory, will continue to stunt new county revenue, inevitably promoting much higher property taxes and lower quality of rural life. Are you aware that our county commissioners fear county failure, due to a collapsing source of county tax revenue, unless a solution is found to offset taxable lands going into tax exempt status? Keeping our density map and regulations, as regulatory, promotes county failure. The commissioners seek to make the density map and regulations as “advisory-only” to allow for enhanced future revenue. Why is it that our county commissioners, unanimously with conviction and courage, must withstand a small but loud majority public sentiment to keep the density map and regulations as regulatory? Why are the property taxpayers being coerced away from the facts? Taxpayers, please attend the public meeting. Learn and witness for yourself. Support the commissioners’ desire, based on facts, to repeal the failed density map and regulations and make them advisory only.

David Passieri
St. Ignatius

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