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Action should be taken to make density regulations advisory


It’s been two years since the county held meetings concerning keeping or removing the county density regulation policy and chose to keep it temporarily for review and partial inclusion into the county growth policy.

It’s past time to take action. The county attorney, hired to review this document, clearly stated that the density regulation was a lawsuit waiting to happen because it was an illegal zoning policy.

We’ve now had more local public sensing sessions and planning board reviews than could ever be necessary to change or dismiss this illegal regulatory document. It’s time to act.

During a meeting at tribal headquarters, it was stated that the commissioners had the final authority over what to do with the regulation and their current plan was to amend it and change it from a regulation to an advisory. The tribe is not bound to follow the regulation on trust property within the county and only use it as an advisory or reference document.

So, why not the rest of the county residents, shouldn’t we all be treated equally concerning our land use? We’re burning daylight and action is long overdue. Pressure from the tribe to keep it as a regulation over non-tribal residents while they enjoy their exclusion is no longer acceptable to the +25,000 Lake County residents.

Time to make the appropriate changes to this highly inflammatory document that has been causing more harm to the residents than ever imagined when it was created in the early 2000s. Delay, delay, delay is no longer acceptable.

Natalie Champoux


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