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Bomb threat note shuts down Charlo schools for a day

CHARLO – A bomb threat caused the closure of Charlo schools today while buses were out collecting students during the early morning hours.

Lake County Sheriff Don Bell said nothing was found on the campus after he and three detectives, five deputies, and several tribal officers searched the premises.

“We didn’t find any devices,” Bell said.

Deputies will be on campus to ensure the protection of the students tomorrow when school resumes. The sheriff’s department has had and will continue to have school resource officers posted in schools across the county during the school year.

The school closure was prompted by the discovery of a suspicious note with a bomb threat written on it. The note was found by a custodian who arrived at the school before students.

Superintendent Steve Love was notified of the threat, and he contacted authorities.

Bus drivers were instructed to continue picking up students so that they weren’t left waiting outside for the bus. Parents were notified that school was canceled and they could pick up their children or have the bus return them. The buses were routed away from the school to wait once the route was finished.

The incident remains under investigation. The note was collected as evidence. Bell said several leads are being followed. If anyone has information about the incident, they should contact the sheriff’s office or the school. In addition to regular instruction, driver’s education classes will continue as planned tomorrow when the school reopens.


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