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Density map, regulations should be advisory


At 7 p.m. Wednesday, March 14 Lake County will have a public meeting about making the Density Map and Regulations, DMRs advisory. Such rules prefer that people be “packed and stacked” in or near towns.

The DMRs were strongly opposed when implemented in 2002. They are an overreach of government and unduly restrict private property rights, but they became county-wide zoning. The tribes own/control about half of Lake County and can comply voluntarily, but they are mandatory for non-tribal property. The deputy county attorney in charge of these matters has determined that there are many legal defects in having them as rules.

There has been opposition to the commissioners’ reasonable proposal, led by the tribes. Restricting rural development to keep land prices down makes it easier for them to buy up private land. At public hearings many paid tribal officials and employees and others who must like government regulations show up.

The sky is not falling. There will still be strict controls by county professionals, including subdivision reviews as appropriate. The environment would not be threatened. Unregulated growth will not happen.

Two county commissioners who were in office when this started, no longer fully support the DMRs. Paddy Trusler said, “Every landowner has the right to develop their own properties as they see fit long as it doesn’t impact the public as a whole.” Mike Hutchin called for repeal, saying “I am adamantly opposed to its continuation.” They should know best.

Our side needs to be heard. We need to stand up, speak up, and show up. We get the government we deserve and we can make a difference. Write your support to

This only is about the fact that two governments are competing in the same geographic area. The county is facing a seriously diminishing tax base. The tribes have representation or even domination without taxation. As a Christian I am taught and believe we are to love everyone. I have many tribal friends who understand my heart in spite of some differences. With the God given resources and talents we all have, we can work together.

Frank Mutch


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