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Poor service from phone, cable TV provider


I was not alone in losing phone service for nearly a week this past month. There was very little help or comfort coming from the provider when and if I was able to contact them. There was even less when I decided I no longer needed their cable TV service since watching television is not a priority at our house. After a long discussion with the provider’s representative, I was told I had eight days to return their video box to Kalispell with an implied threat that I would incur additional costs if that schedule wasn’t met. I could not elicit an answer when I commented that the company had two or three technicians who install and repair their equipment and live in Polson. In addition, she stated she would confirm our conversation via email. That has not happened.

Now I have to consider whether or not to keep that provider for my phone and internet service. One thing is certain, I will never recommend this company to any of my acquaintances.

Peter Daniels


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