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Attacks on Trump are attacks on God


I have read a lot of name calling, cursing and half lies about our President. Do you realize that you are not coming against President Trump but the God Almighty? You who brag about marching in New York; what did you march against? Pro-life, marriage, purity, the Bible and against our elected President. Do you not realize you were marching against the Holy tri-union God? You speak out lies on “global warming,” you speak against the Creator, who created all and sustains all.

It is God who puts leaders in leadership and rises up nations and brings nations down.

Our great nation was founded on the principles of the Bible, God ordained and we have been blessed with greatness, but if we don’t repent of our evil ways and turn from our wickedness and our selfish plans, we will be brought low.

This is a great season to repent; a season the celebrates what the loving God did for us, sending His precious son, Jesus, to die for our sins and give us eternal life. All will bow to Jesus, either now and have forgiveness and peace with God in this life or bow later on your way to eternal life without Him (hell).

Eileen Fehrenbach

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