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Why I will not be supporting Sheriff Bell


Being sheriff here means you will enforce the laws, all the laws. Three years ago, I met with Sheriff Bell in St. Ignatius and showed him where drugs were being sold in plain view and on a daily basis. I had previously witnessed vehicles from Idaho and Washington coming in to sell meth, heroin, and prescription drugs. I offered the Sheriff’s Department a place to observe and record these drug transactions. Did Sheriff Bell ever take advantage of this? No. There was never any explanation or follow up to my concerns. When drugs are sold in broad daylight it is because dealers know there is no enforcement. I know when Sheriff Bell was a Tribal officer he knew how bad the drug problem is here. If he doesn’t know it now it’s because he either doesn’t care or his priorities are in the wrong place. 

I have read how Sheriff Bell has trained officers to patrol the lake this summer, which must be more important than the drug issue. Then again I read where Sheriff Bell wants to stop suicides in Lake County. Well Sheriff Bell, isn’t the drug problem the cause for many of the suicides? I have worked my share of drugs in my years in law enforcement; drug enforcement here is now a joke and Lake County is a haven for this activity. Let the fire professionals take care of rescues on the lake. Let the coast guard auxiliary patrol the lake for safety if need be.

I have met with David Coffman who is running for sheriff, he has more experience than most of the deputies combined, including Sheriff Bell. David Coffman will make drug crimes a priority. He has studied the jail issues and will address them. He will bring his training and experience to the office to make it more efficient and productive. He will protect your children from dealers who want to poison your children. He has my family’s support, I ask that you give him yours.

Ken Scott

Former Patrol Sgt. LCSO

St. Ignatius



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