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Lucky Strike bowling results for May 13-26

Monday Nite Fun Nite

Total No. of Bowlers: 22

1st Place: Marcy Gerdts and Richard Turpin

2nd Place: Donata Healy and Jerry Powell

3rd Place: Dennis Roush and Randy Wieder

4th Place:  Sharla Talsma and Jeff Lulow


St. Luke Spring League


High Game Scratch: Brandon Hungerford193

High Game Handicap: Steve Delay224

High Series: Brandon Hungerford534

High Series Handicap: Taz Schoenen625


High Game Scratch:    Liane Clairmont        175

High Game Handicap: Amy Rider248

High Series Scratch:   Amy Rider        416

High Series Handicap: Jasmine Bocksnick637


Charlo Spring Mixed


High Game Scratch:Greg Linse        203

High Game Handicap:Mark Young238

High Series Scratch:Moe Schoon513

High Series Handicap:Jeff Smyth        648


High Game Scratch:Tasha Sinclair198

High Game HandicapLinda Ludeman        224

High Series Scratch:Tasha Sinclair527

High Series Handicap: Shawna Olsen        623

Monday Nite Fun Nite

Total # of Bowlers: 28

1st Place: Marie Bigby and Greg Linse

2nd Place: Jusy Stevenson and Dennis Roush

3rd Place: Christi Stephens and Waly Reznicsec

4th Place:  Barb Plouffe and A.J. Bibgy

5th Place:  Nancy Smith and Gary Plouffe  


St. Luke Spring League


High Game Scratch:Stacy Robinson228

High Game Handicap:Taz Schoenen270

High Series:Stacy Robinson657

High Series Handicap: Stacy Robinson744


High Game Scratch:Talley Davis188

High Game Handicap:Tally Davis273


Charlo Spring Mixed

High Team Game:Ex Champs898

High Team Handicap:Ex Champs2601


High Game Scratch:Jeff Lulow         213

High Game Handicap:Chris Hertz 255

High Series Scratch:Jeff Lulow         539

High Series Handicap:Jeff Lulow         662


High Game Scratch:Kalista Clark 174

High Game HandicapKalista Clark 271

High Series Scratch:Kalista Clark 422

High Series Handicap:Kalista Clark 713


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