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Singing to avoid bears


I’m sharing bear confrontation information. Almost a dozen times, I’ve encountered black and brown bears while hiking and camping. The only time I’ve seen grizzly bears in the wild was on a tour in Alaska, and they were out in a huge meadow, grazing on grass like cows, this was in the spring, maybe they need to eat fiber to clear out their underused digestive system in the spring?

Anyway, the times I saw the brown and black bears, I was so happy, not scared. There is no room for fear when I’m filled with joy at the experience nature is giving me. So, I start singing with joy, and I kid you not, every single time, as soon as I started singing, those ‘durn’ bears started heading in the opposite direction. I never knew I was that bad of a singer.

If any of you want to record me and market the recorded device as an effective bear repellent, let me know and we’ll split the profits.

Where did you go little bear, little bear
Where did you go little be-e-ear
I scared you away, I’m sorry, let me say
Where did you go little bear?
Where did you go little bear, little bear
Where did you go little be-e-ear
You wanted just to play, please come back another day
Where did you go little bear?

Mary Hayhoe


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