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Lucky Strike bowling results for the week of Sept. 2-8

Merchants                          did not bowl


Tuesday Twisters

High Team Game:Spare Parts           817

High Team Series:Number Ones          2261

High Game Scratch:Kristin Nelson           196

High Handicap Game:Kristen Nelson               232

High Series Scratch:Linda Gerdts            528

High Series Handicap:Regina Pablo            587 



High Team Game:     S&S Sports          1253

High Team Series:S&S Sports          3658

High Game Scratch:Justin Underwood           300

High Game Handicap:Justin Underwood           394

High Series Scratch:Justin Underwood           692

High Series Handicap:Justin Underwood            974 


Wednesday Lucky Ladies

High Team Game:All or Nothing            875

High Team Game:Lucky Strike Lanes         2337

High Game Scratch:Billie Jo Rinke             243

High Game Handicap:Megan Jennison               235

High Series Scratch:B.J. Rinke                       610

High Series Handicap:Lisa Corbett                    598 


Lady Strikers

High Team Game:      Lucky Strike Lanes          883

High Team Series:      Lucky Strike Lanes         2348

High Game Scratch:    Lisa Corbett              220

High Game Handicap:Megan Jennison               239

High Series Scratch:Lisa Corbett                     548

High Series Handicap: Chris Davis              592 


Friday Night Mixed

High Team Game:Lucky Strikers              967 

High Team Series:Team Nitro             2727


High Game Scratch:   Tim Jennison              269

High Game Handicap:Traver Sinclair              270

High Series Scratch:Justin Underwood             747

        Tim Jennison              747

High Series Handicap:Justin Underwood             747

                               Tim Jennison              747


High Game Scratch: Johnie Underwood              233

High Game Handicap:Jennifer Davis              264

High Series Scratch: Johnie Underwood             575

High Series Handicap: Johnie Underwood           665


Monday Nite Fun Nite

Total number of bowlers: 28

1st Place:  Marie Bigby and Greg Linse

2nd Place: Jusy Stevenson and Dennis Roush

3rd Place:  Christi Stephens and Waly Reznicsec

4th Place:  Barb Plouffe and A.J. Bibgy

5th Place:  Nancy Smith and Gary Plouffe


St. Luke Spring League


High Game Scratch:            Stacy Robinson            228 

High Game Handicap:Taz Schoenen            270 

High Series Series:Stacy Robinson              657  

High Series Handicap: Stacy Robinson            744


High Game Scratch:Talley Davis           188

High Game Handicap:Tally Davis                   273

High Series Scratch:Tally Davis                   480

High Series Handicap:Tally Davis                   735


Charlo Spring Mixed

High Team Game:Ex Champs           898

High Team Handicap:Ex Champs         2601


High Game Scratch:Jeff Lulow                  213

High Game Handicap:Chris Hertz          255

High Series Scratch:Jeff Lulow                  539

High Series Handicap:Jeff Lulow                  662


High Game Scratch:Kalista Clark          174

High Game HandicapKalista Clark          271

High Series Scratch:Kalista Clark          422

High Series Handicap:Kalista Clark          713


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