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But which?


A recent letter shows how education is being relegated to what one is told, not to truth. A bias or bigoted person chooses not to hear anything disagreeing with their entrenched beliefs. In today’s world, it is easy to check where the truth lays. Using selected language to demean an opponent or opposing idea is easy, reasoning is not required. I am astounded that so many residents in our area choose prejudice for their base of knowledge.

Both sides of our political spectrum present erroneous information. Yet each of us can easily access information about what they provide to "prove their point," if we want. If not, using labels to demean an opposing view is all that is left to work with.

Both major parties, others as well, know facts are not necessary to win an election. Instilling fear, hatred, bias and bigotry helps win many elections when candidate character or actions cannot.

Trump has helped the national economy grow, but information indicates it has been continually climbing out from the crash of 2007-2008 for a long time. As a conservative Republican, I dislike the recently increased national debt our congress assumed. Uncertain tariffs will change the cost of goods to the consumer. Tax relief? How much have your taxes decreased vs. the corporations? I have not experienced any meaningful effect on my economics other than healthcare costs rising. Jobs, how much has your salary increased lately? What gains in your income are real? And what gains do the corporations' CEOs see?

What was going on in the stock market and banking regulations just before the crash? What is going on now and what does that bode for our future?

Trump says how well FEMA handled the Puerto Rico hurricane disaster. Verify how the people living there feel about it. One view is truth; one is hyperbole.

Vote with facts about matters, not just with a bias your family or friends have. You mark your ballot in private. Do so for the good of our country, not a false belief.

Rich Bell

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