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Suicide poem shared


This is a poem I wrote a few days ago. We all know how suicide is taking over young natives in the states. I feel like this will help bring more awareness for young lost teens on our reservations. I hope this helps you understand.

Suicidal minds

Suicide is one pain we can hide. We divide from all who love us. Rough love and a tough enough push make you only want to be up above, no it’s not a bluff.

You think how and where, trying not to drop a tear in fear of your family and friends being disappointed in you, who knew the view of you was such a lie. Where have the blue clear skies gone?

Why’s it so wrong to only feel it’s all gone?

Why should I hide this lie? I try and tell people. I do really try.

It’s all a plot, a dreamy plot, to want me gone.

I’m overdrawn by the thought of hanging above my lawn at the break of dawn, away from all this hate and maybe the loss of my true mate or becoming a new Montana state inmate.

Kenny KO Loring


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