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Brothers hold different opinions


“Pandering-to-Putin” is exactly what our nations legislative House and Senate are doing. This is crazy! But it is happening.

My two brothers are dedicated Republicans. This is how we grew up on our family dairy farm in Wisconsin in the 30s and 40s. Here’s my recent conversation with them: I said, “Hey, you Republicans are pandering to Putin. You are trying to destroy our democracy!” They both immediately got mad and each said: “Bob, that is not fair. We don’t like Putin. We believe in democracy and not dictatorships … and you know it.”

Guess what? I do know it, but that’s not the point. My brothers are not in the House or Senate. The only part of their being active in our legislative body is when they vote.

How about the guy they voted for and who won? He lies. He makes up statistics on everything from crowd sizes to job creations. He attacks our entire FBI and judicial system. He attacks individuals ‘left and right.’ His personality disorder, narcissism, is totally affecting everything he thinks and does. The extreme need to be the center of attention, both positively and negatively, feeds his mental disorder.

When America’s very open democratic system and various political missteps and aberrations get to the point of electing a person such as Trump as president, it is high time to take immediate action and help heal our floundering democracy. Our immediate and longterm future depends upon this. So many now are realizing this crisis, which can no longer be avoided or ignored.

Bob McClellan


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