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Valley Journal

Lucky Strike bowling results for the week of Sept. 16-22


High Team Game:Frank’s Meats1226

High Team Series:Frank’s Meats3475

High Game Scratch:Will Rogers300

High Game Handicap:Will Rogers309

High Series Scratch:Justin McElderry779

High Series Handicap:Justin McElderry779

Tuesday Twisters

High Team Game:Ronan Telephone785

High Team Series:Lucky Strike Lanes2293

High Game Scratch:Judy Stevenson184

High Handicap Game:Roxanna Hamann235

High Series Scratch:Regina Pablo509

High Series Handicap:Sharon Barber637


High Team Game:     Turpin’s955

High Team Series:Turpin’s2775

High Game Scratch:Dana Matt        260

High Game Handicap:Glenn Whitewater292

High Series Scratch:Dana Matt        710

High Series Handicap:Bob Turpin        753

Wednesday Lucky Ladies

High Team Game:Foothills Tree Farm877

High Team Game:Foothills Tree Farm2407

High Game Scratch:Jamie Webster224

High Game Handicap:Amber White244

High Series Scratch:Lisa Corbett        596

High Series Handicap: Shonna Elverud        666

Lady Strikers 

High Team Game:       Subway-Polson        898

High Team Series:Subway-Polson        2616

High Game Scratch:   Megan Jennison        236

High Game Handicap: Megan Jennison        278

High Series Scratch:   Jamie Webster        637

High Series Handicap: Megan Jennison708

Friday Night Mixed

High Team Game:       325 Misfits991

High Team Series: 325 Misfits2836


High Game Scratch:    Bryan Dupuis         254

High Game Handicap:  Bryan Dupuis         275

High Series Scratch:    Bryan Dupuis         664

High Series Handicap:  A.J. Bigby738


High Game Scratch:   Johnie Underwood225

High Game Handicap:    Tara Irvine268

High Series Scratch:        Tasha Sinclair620

High Series Handicap:     Tasha Sinclair743

Mostly Cloudy

Lo 30°

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