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Vote for Morigeau


I have had the opportunity to work with Ashley Morigeau in the Polson Public Defender’s Office. As a new lawyer looking for guidance, I often turn to Ashley for her wealth of knowledge and her ideas on building a better community.

Ashley’s keen legal mind and knowledgeable approach to the Montana laws and Constitution are highly respected by her clients and colleagues alike. Ashley not only has a deep understanding of the law, she understands that as society evolves to face the new difficult challenges facing this modern world, the courts must also adapt to best serve our community.

There are many challenges facing this community: jail overcrowding, drug addiction, mental health crises, and broken families. Ashley has many creative ideas to address these issues and the leadership necessary to make a change. Ashley supports the 20th Judicial District Drug Court and the Tribal Reentry Program. To reduce recidivism and heal our community, Ashley is a proponent of community-based treatment and rehabilitation. This will enable individuals to maintain their jobs, support their families, and reintegrate with the community. Ashley wants to lessen the burden on taxpayers by reserving prison for those who pose an ongoing threat to society. Lake and Sanders counties need a leader who is open to creative and cost-effective ideas.

Ashley cares deeply about our community and our families. “Tough on crime is tough on families” is something she said at a forum. This resonated with me. Ashley has been a selfless public servant for our justice system and community and is involved in our communities. As a long-time public defender, Ashley is familiar with the programs available in the criminal justice system and in our community. As a judge she would ensure that people have access to these resources to prevent crime and keep our families safe. A vote for Ashley is a vote for the community.

Ase Carlson

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