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Talking to the senator


Senator Tester is not honest with us. On May 29, I asked him to cosponsor S.678 (the English Language Unity Act of 2017). It would make English our official language. In his reply, June 8, Tester said he a strong supporter of making English our national language. They are not the same.

English is already our national language, the government just hasn’t formally declared it so, and it wouldn’t change anything. If English is made our official language, we wouldn’t have to have ballots in Korean, Swahili or Klingon. All government documents would have to be printed in English (including the budget). Supposedly you can’t vote unless you are a U.S. citizen with enough knowledge of English to read a ballot.

Tester said, “As an American, I am proud to support efforts to unify our nation.” If so, I expect to see him cosponsoring S.678. His name is not there.

He said he would keep my “thoughts in mind.” I wish all members of Congress would stop using that phrase. It really says they refuse to take a stand on an issue and will let someone else bother with it.

Dale P. Ferguson


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