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People need to consider the facts


There have been so many ads directed to gun control. It seems that some people think gun control is gun prohibition even though gun control activists have repeatedly said they do not want to take away guns used for hunting or defense.

I have heard that activists want to take away second amendment rights. The right to free speech is treasured in this country but there are restrictions. People are not supposed to say things that are untrue or dangerous. These restrictions do not mean there is no first amendment.

Would everyone agree that someone who has a mental illness should not have a gun? Should someone who is underage buy a gun without an adult’s knowledge? Should someone who has hurt a girlfriend or wife and has a restraining order be allowed to have a gun? I would like to compare gun ownership with a driver’s license. A person can obtain a license by taking a written and driving test. The driving license can be revoked if the person’s driving is dangerous to others or themselves.

Another consideration when talking about gun control is automatic and semiautomatic guns. I believe no one has used these guns for hunting or self-defense. These guns were made as a weapon of war to kill as many people as possible. It is fun to shoot these guns, so a compromise might be to restrict the use of these guns to a shooting range.

The details of gun control laws will probably be difficult. The laws may need changing depending on if they do what we plan them to do. We need to do what is right for all people. A compromise will be needed, but people need to keep in mind the facts. We need to learn which are the facts and which are the partial facts that are directed to our emotions. I would like to thank you for considering and working toward sensible laws.

Lynee McMillan


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