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I have in the last two years had some fruitless interactions with the Lake County Commissioner’s Office. Each time they were either unhelpful or misdirected me to the tribe when it was clearly their jurisdiction. I am tired of this default answer to any inquiry. It doesn’t seem to matter what the issue seems to be, but the office appears to have stagnated.

How about we elect someone who is actually interested in helping others and improving things overall in Lake County? Caroline McDonald is a person who gets stuff done. Examine her record; find out who she is. I’ve met her and she is motivated to improve the fiscal issues confronting the county, as well as willing to tackle other pressing problems, which the current crew seems unable to address. Passing the blame and shrugging is no way to run a public office.

For instance: suing the federal government for lost revenue in trust land will go nowhere. How about we try something different? Caroline has some new ideas, which will actually work. Please give her a chance. Vote Caroline McDonald for commissioner.

Christine Dickinson
St. Ignatius

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