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Lucky Strike bowling results for the week of Oct. 7-13, 2018


High Team Game:Team 7        1175

High Team Series:Lucky Strike Lanes3370

High Game Scratch:  A.J. Bigby        277

High Game Handicap:A.J Bigby        304

High Series Scratch: A.J. Bigby        690

High Series Handicap:Fred Webster 772

Tuesday Twisters

High Team Game:Number Ones          822

High Team Series:Number Ones          2425

High Game Scratch:Carrie Priddy          198

High Handicap Game:Jenna Nickol         239

High Series Scratch:Carrie Prioddy         545

High Series Handicap:Carrie Priddy         662


High Team Game:     Junior Totonkas         975

High Team Series:     Wright Real Estate    2831

High Game Scratch:  Bryan Dupuis            267

High Game Handicap:Don Cisney              280

High Series Scratch:  Bryan Dupuis           681

High Series Handicap:Don Cisney             772

Wednesday Lucky Ladies

High Team Game:     Lucky Strike Lanes    863

High Team Game:     Lucky Strike Lanes    2471

High Game Scratch:  Tasha Sinclair           234

High Game Handicap:Brit Nordberg           246

High Series Scratch:  Johnie Underwood     635

High Series Handicap:Brit Nordberg           687

Lady Strikers

High Team Game:     Subway-Polson          877

High Team Series:    Subway-Polson          2417

High Game Scratch: Megan L. Jennison     268

High Game Handicap:Megan L. Jennison   289

High Series Scratch:Megan L. Jennison     605

High Series Handicap:Megan L. Jennison   668

Friday Night Mixed

High Team Game:     Splits and Giggles    932

High Team Series:    The Four Aces          2719


High Game Scratch: Jesse Corbett           257

High Game Handicap:Richard Turpin        279

High Series Scratch:Tim Jennison           745

High Series Handicap:Jesse Corbett        748


High Game Scratch:  Lisa Corbett           214

High Game Handicap: Sharon Barber      259

High Series Scratch: Lisa Corbett           581

High Series Handicap:Sharon Barber      702


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