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Thinking about the future


People of Montana, it’s time to start thinking of the future for Montana and how we want to live and do here, look at what is happening in California, New York City, Chicago and Portland with out of control crime, law personal being blamed, open borders and sanctuary cities and guns being banned from law abiding citizens.

We have Senator Tester who has character assassinated any number of people who has run against him. With Senator Burns, all charges were later proved false. With Dr. Ronny Jackson, Tester accused him of many crimes only to have it come back as a lie. He is also doing a pretty good job of it on Matt Rosendale. This list goes on. 

Senator Tester has never voted for any judge that believes in the Second Amendment. Senator Tester has voted for judges that want the Second Amendment removed from the Constitution. In fact, judges that want to rewrite the Constitution. (This would cover the last four Supreme Court Judges over the past ten years.) Senator Tester is “D” rated by the NRA.

Senator Tester is following the lead of the liberals in Washington DC. People, is this what we Montanan’s want our state to look like? Senator Tester is working very hard to shape it into a left-leaning state.

Phyllis & Jerry Peterson     



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