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Family support for judge


Kim Christopher is the best candidate for District Court Judge of Lake and Sanders counties. She has excelled in this position for 18 years. She is steadfast, honest, fair and professional. How do I know? I’ve watched her in action, and I’ve seen her behind the scenes. You see, Kim is my big sister. 

When Kim puts on her robe and sits at her bench, she becomes the fair, stern, tough, experienced judge that resembles the judges we see on TV or in movies. Behind the professional is a warm-hearted, caring woman who has raised three amazing boys on her own. She is loving, caring and so incredibly generous. She takes her generosity to work. She cares about the people she works with and always puts the people she works for (the whole community) first. 

She is sworn to uphold the law as it is written. That is not always popular. There is so much she does that is not seen: the many files she reads in preparation for a trial that may or may not happen, and the time spent preparing jury instructions and making them understandable to everyone in the courtroom. Her ability to understand and put together, at the drop of a hat, many different views of an issue is impressive to watch. She can do this because she prepares and is experienced in handling multiple cases. 

I am proud of my big sister. She epitomizes the strong, fair, professional woman our community has come to know and expect. She takes nothing for granted and above all, she will add her wisdom to the best of her ability every time. There is no better candidate than Kim Christopher: steadfast, honest and fair. 

Tiara Christopher Knowles

Polson and Missoula  


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