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Echoes of kindness can be heard


Do you hear what I hear? Listen past the political cheering (and booing). You’ll hear more cheering for our youth sports teams, for our firefighters and law enforcers, and for veterans. Listen closer. Can you hear the echoes of kindness? Listen for the rustle of neighbors raking leaves for those who can’t, for the rumble of vehicles carrying people to appointments and food to those who can’t get out, and for the friendly chat of folks checking up on each other.

There are many ways to make the sounds of kindness, and they all involve donating. Donate yarn or skill to make hats or scarves for Operation Gratitude or for chilly local folks; donate time to help seniors or children; donate food or funds to area food banks. You probably can think of many more ways to donate.

If you donate money to a food pantry, Town Pump will put a megaphone on your echo. Did you know that for the rest of this month, the Town Pump Foundation will match your donation, resulting in a 100 percent return on your investment for our community? That’s not an echo that’s a shout.

In the Polson area, Town Pump will match up to $12,000 for the Loaves and Fish Pantry, and there is matching funding in similar fashion all over the state, resulting in a roar of kindness.

It’s not hard to hear what I hear, and it’s not hard to find ways to donate. If you want to double your donation to a food pantry, you have only until the end of November. Let’s keep the sounds of kindness echoing.

Linda Kittle


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