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Mom’s book changes perspective


Isn’t it amazing how one seemingly small event can actually change a life? It happened to me.

After my mother left this earth in 1992, I was given one of her favorite books: “The Ultimate Revolution” (pub. 1969) by Walter Starcke who was a Broadway producer, successful business entrepreneur, keynote speaker and author.

A certain part of this book leapt out at me, changed my thinking, changed my life. He wrote: “Now I know what Jesus meant when he said, ‘My kingdom is not of this world.’" He wasn’t putting the world down. The whole secret of his message is that the kingdom of heaven is right here at the material level if I can only "see’"it.

And more: “I see that the secret of untangling the confusion of life lies in understanding what the mystics call the third and fourth dimensions of life. They say that everything one can recognize at the phenomenal level, the everyday down-to-earth level of life, is the third dimension. The fourth dimension is the spiritual dimension, the total, the infinite.”

And this capped it off for me: “My problem has been that I got the two confused. I kept trying to see God with my third dimensional understanding. I kept trying to see God in war, in government, in establishment. I kept trying to bring God down to this level when the only way God can be experienced is to take this level up to God by refusing to judge it in terms of bad and good. Then oneness can be experienced.”

I was now open to new teachings, new thinking, a newly balanced life. Our thoughts are our road-map. Change your mind, change your life. In our present challenges as a nation and world, practicing these life-principles is one thing that helps keep me ‘hinged,’ rather than ‘unhinged.' Thank you, Mother, for continuing to influence my life.

Bob McClellan


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