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Bowling results for Nov. 7 2018

Sportspage bowling results for the week of Oct. 16-19 

Tuesday Fun Seekers “No Tap”

High Team Game:Jack’s Jokers1076

High Team Series:Jack’s Jokers2710


High Game Scratch:Jim Funke        278

High Game Handicap:Jim Funke        318

High Series Scratch:Jim Funke        659

High Series Handicap:Jim Funke        770


High Game Scratch:Lin King        199

High Game Handicap:Lin King        286

High Series Scratch:Cris Alter        574

High Series Handicap: Lin King        707

Tuesday Night Moonlighters

High Team Game:Frank’s Meats1006

High Team Series:Valley Glass 2765

High Game Scratch:Ian Donovan260

High Game Handicap:Jeff Nelson291

High Series Scratch:Ian Donovan712

High Series Handicap:Ian Donovan781

Wednesday Night Mixed

High Team Game: Pre-Emptius Strike953

High Team Series:Pre-Emptius Strike2784


High Game Scratch:Darrol Denny235

High Game Handicap:Tim Basta        272

High Series Scratch:Darrol Denny629

High Series Handicap:Randy Kelley707


High Game Scratch:Kaye Stam        209

High Game Handicap:Kaye Stam        291

High Series Scratch:Steph Brown539

High Series Handicap: Jo Durand        743

Thursday Night Trio

High Team Game: Camp Tuffit730

High Team Series:Camp Tuffit2117


High Game Scratch:Darrel Rogers237

High Game Handicap:Darrel Rogers263

High Series Scratch:Darrel Rogers641

High Series Handicap:Darrel Rogers719


High Game Scratch:Lindsey Rogers        185

High Game Handicap:Lindsey Rogers        244

High Series Scratch:Lindsey Rogers        526

High Series Handicap:Lindsey Rogers        703

Friday Night Mixed

High Team Game: Team 2        1078

High Team Series:Team 2        2862


High Game Scratch:Ross Woods264

High Game Handicap:Jeff Strang        279

High Series Scratch:Ross Woods646

High Series Handicap:Jeff Strang        723


High Game Scratch:Kathy Knutson        200

High Game Handicap:Kathy Knutson        273

High Series Scratch:Kathy Knutson        536

High Series Handicap:Kathy Knutson        755


Lucky Strike bowling results for the week of Oct. 27- Nov. 3


High Team:        The Munson’s1214

High Team Series:Weimer Welding3576

High Game Scratch:Bub Schliep263

High Game Handicap:Jerry McElderry293

High Series Scratch:Glenn Whitewater675

High Series Handicap: Jesse Lytton        750

Tuesday Twisters

High Team Game:Number Ones809

High Team Series:     Mission Valley Security2339

High Game Scratch:Regina Pablo203

High Handicap Game:Joan Thompson237

High Series Scratch:Regina Pablo568

High Series Handicap: Alice Johnson651


High Team Game:     Junior Toonkas992

High Team Series:  Mission Mountain Motors 2815

High Game Scratch: Shawn Barber288

High Game Handicap:Jeff Lulow        300

High Series Scratch:Shawn Barber731

High Series Handicap:Gerald Smith778

Wednesday Lucky Ladies did not bowl


Lady Strikers

High Team Game:Subway-Polson       864

High Team Series:Lucky Strike Lanes    2444

High Game Scratch:Pam Wilson       279

High Game Handicap:Pam Wilson       298

High Series Scratch:Pam Wilson       681

High Series Handicap:Pam Wilson       738

Friday Night Mixed

High Team Game:The Four Aces      950

High Team Series:Splits N Giggles      2695

High Game Scratch: Randy Wieder      263

High Game Handicap:Daniel Tromp      280

High Series Scratch:Jesse Corbett      663

High Series Handicap:Traver Sinclair      742


High Game Scratch: Johnie Underwood      224

High Game Handicap:Kali Twedt              255

High Series Scratch:Lisa Corbett              619

High Series Handicap:Lisa Corbett      733

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