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Giving congratulations to voters


Congratulations to all Lake County voters of every stripe and persuasion during this recent 2018 midterm election. You came out strong, you came out in force and probably in the greatest numbers for a midterm election in the history of the county.

According to MT Secretary of State, of the 19,286 registered voters,13,534 of us went to the polls or sent in our absentee ballots to cast our votes. Folks this is 70.17 percent of Lake County voters. This is history making. This goes into the record books for sure. You should stand up and whoop for yourselves for being so patriotic. What a way to make a landmark position for ourselves in the State of Montana, that’s what I say.

None of us got all that we wanted out of this election. We ended up with what our democratic style of government allows us to do. A little of this and a little of that which is supposed to reflect what “we the people” want. That is who is elected to represent us and which bond issues and the like will be voted on.

We all have our own ideas about how well those results went for each of us, but once again, congratulations to each and every one of the voters of Lake County for this unprecedented 70 percent voter turnout this year.

Sheila Bell

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