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Sportspage bowling results for the week of Nov. 19-23

Tuesdsay Fun Seekers “No Tap”

High Team Game:      4 Pointers     967

High Team Series:      4 Pointers   2790


High Game Scratch:   Dave Basta   255

High Game Handicap:Dave Basta   290

High Series Scratch:   Hal Lanier     667

High Series Handicap:Hal Lanier     781 


High Game Scratch:   Claudia Barry  202

High Game Handicap:Claudia Barry  270

High Series Scratch:   Claudia Barry  533

High Series Handicap:Claudia Barry  746

Tuesday Night Moonlighters

High Team Game:      WS Cabinets 1029            

High Team Series:      WS Cabinets 2839

High Game Scratch:   C. Johnson    266

High Game Handicap: Jeff Andrews 283

High Series Scratch:   C.Johnson     717

High Series Handicap: C. Johnson    753


Wednesday Night Mixed – no bowling 

Friday Night Mixed – no bowling

Monday Lakers Youth League

High Team Game:Team 3         480

High Team Series:      Team 4           902


High Game Scratch:  P. Hendrickson   126

High Series Scratch: P. Hendrickson   221


High Game Scratch: Kylee Seifert       135

High Series Handicap: Kylee Seifert    268


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